Is Darwin Thompson the Future?

In this league, I have: Conner, Cook & Damien Williams as my main RBs. Is Darwin worth a decent WR to handcuff? The guy who has him believes he is the future of KC and will probably want Golladay or Anderson. Worth it? I know now he is nothing, but the potential has me intrigued.

dropping Golladay or Anderson is not worth it for Thompson…he may play and be successful but the opposite side of the argument is he is a 6th round rookie…Williams is the starter, Hyde still there, other Williams still there. Thompson is only 200 pounds and look at freeman’s injury history to know what guys that size are susceptible to with between the tackles running. He can be relevant but 2020 class is loaded with rb talent so its hard to say Thompson is the future… he may end up as just complimentary piece or not relevant with Williams playing effectively, the receivers you listed are top 24 guys and could crack the top 12 if things fall right.

Thanks, I was feeling the same way, but with all the hype I wanted to be sure.

yo, chiefs fan here. i think he has a future with this team, and a pretty good one. but i see him more as a danny woodhead type roll. never the main guy, but valuable in fantasy. so to me thats kind of like asking cohen for one of those 2, and im willing to do that if my team can handle it. but thats also pure projections for darwin, so even as a chiefs super fan i have to admit, right now its not a good call. now if im right and he carves out a woodhead type roll, he will be worth it. he just isnt right now.

also quick point, ill say a comparison to freeman is a bit off. freeman is a completely different type of runner. more smash your face in with leverage and power. darwin can do that, but thats not his go to. he knows how big he is and uses that to his advantage. so im not worried about injury to him.

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Ok cool, thanks!