Is David Johnson a trade target at this point?

Do we all think David Johnson has a chance to rebound later in the season? Right now that offense is not looking Good, but it’s David Johnson? Right? This could be the best time to buy low in the hopes they turn it around. What are your thoughts

I’m a DJ owner and I’ve hit the panic button! I want to sell him but i don’t even know what i’d be offered besides half a ham sandwich.

i think about trading for DJ, things can just get better, perhaps when Rosen comes in.

But i dont know what to offer for him, would you do Lynch and D Freeman for DJ in a Standard?

I think it’s worth a shot to target him. I don’t own him in any leagues, but I’ll definitely take a look this week at the DJ teams to see what they need.

Just have to figure out what’s fair to offer on both sides - I’ve done no research on trades with DJ but I’m feeling like owners may still overvalue what they can get for him & teams that are going after him might low ball their offers.