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Is Dez a buy-low?


0-2 and looking to make some moves. The guy with Dez is selling and needs RBs. I have Carson, Coleman, Gore, Abdullah, Cohen, and Bernard. I am thinking I’ll give a RB + WR for Dez. my WR are JJ Nelson, Hilton, Cooper, Decker, and Maclin.

Give Maclin + Gore for Dez?


Is Dez a buy low? yes, but his schedule is brutal. I believe on yesterday’s podcast, the guys mention that only 3 out of next 10 games does Dez NOT face an elite corner. If I was 0-2 guy, I wouldn’t give up Dez for Maclin/Gore. Dez is still getting a lot of targets. I think Maclin will be fine w/Flacco, but I’d want more at RB than Gore (no Luck and Mack right there). Has 0-2 guy picked up any of the WW RB’s? Buck Allen? Perine? Foreman this week? I’m asking because I’d rather have Dez + one of those guys, than Maclin-Gore. good luck.


Thanks man. I am actually the 0-2 guy. The guy with Dez is 1-1, but only has Rawls, Sims, Doug Martin, and Duke Johnson. He went zero RB and has both Bryants (Martvius and Dez), Evans, Crabtree.

In other words, I’d be GIVING Maclin + Gore for Dez.


ah…reading comprehension…

First off, you never know, so offer it.
If I was Dez owner, I’d still be looking for something more (there’s nothing better than Gore on WW?
Anyone else who can offer more than Gore?). Even with my strength at WR, I’d still be looking to leverage Dez’s name recognition and targets. But again, he might value Gore more than me, so he might take it.


Well the Colts are shit, but I am selling Gore as “the back who plays CLE this week”. If he doesn’t bite, there is almost nothing on the wire. Best available as of now is Chris Ivory. Hoping the bites or counters.