Is Duke Johnson Droppable?

Thinking of scooping up Greg Olsen for a stash.

I own Kittle. My RBs are Collins, Howard, Coleman, AP, and Aaron Jones. Its a 12 team league so RBs are hard to come by. But Olsen could be a steal. Only other potential drops are Sterling or Geronimo. Both seem like keepers at this point.

I think that is a reasonable thing to do. You have no use for Duke.

If Duke Johnson and Greg Olsen were both on waivers who would you pick up?

If your league is standard I’d be comfortable dropping him. If your league is any kind of ppr I’d hold for at least a week to see how he does with Mayfield.

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agree with @kfox44

Hard to say. Right now it would be Olsen. But every year I end up wishing I had more RB lol. And any RB with snap count is fairly valuable in a 12 team non-ppr league. But I agree…not a lot of value for Duke in non-ppr right now.

I think I will drop him but put just $2-3 FAAB on it. That way if I get him at such a low price then Im stoked. If not, then no big deal.

You aren’t even going to play Duke given your other RB’s. Olsen, on the other hand, is a must-start as soon as he’s healthy, unless you currently have a better TE option. But if you do, then you can trade one or the other.

Great point. I have Kittle. But there question marks there. And worst case I end up with a great trade chip in a TE market that is hot garbage.

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