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Is Duke Johnson worth burning my waiver on?


So someone recently dropped Duke Johnson in one of my leagues. I’m contemplating burning my waiver and moving to the back of the order by picking him up. Do you guys think it’s worth it? I’d be dropping Jonathan Williams (my Shady handcuff) in the process. This is a 0.5 PPR league.

My RBs are currently McCoy, Mixon, Jacquizz, Burkhead, Jamaal Williams, and Jonathan Williams.


Personally I’d consider dropping Quiz for him. Or more likely, I’d try to do a two for one trade with Quiz and someone else to the Martin owner to improve elsewhere, then add Duke to the empty slot.


Duke has more season long upside than Quiz. Quiz only holds value if you need to start him for the first couple of weeks.

Recently wrote a player profile on Duke Johnson on the site: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/fantasy-football-hail-duke-johnson-2017/


Duke > Quiz for sure, but I’d consider dropping my kicker instead, if league rules allow.


So I get the consensus is that the waiver is indeed worth burning? That was my biggest fear – burning it so early and waiting on everyone else to burn theirs until I’m able to move up again, as the order doesn’t reset.

@ralph_patrick @kborgognoni @DFWB


Yes, I think so.


Yes, I think so too