Is Dynasty Roster Cutdown Date changed w/ No Preseaon?

So I am the commish of a 12 team 0.5/PPR league on sleeper. Our league adds an extra 3 bench roster spots over the offseason to then be cut back down to normal roster size after the preseason week 3 every year. This year with the recent cancellation of the preseason we don’t have such an option. I’m about to make up my mind and notify the league of the new plan. My options are, to still make everyone trim their rosters down the 3 spots a week prior to the season starting which would be like the original plan but without having seen any football yet. Or, what I’m truly thinking of doing is making the roster cut date following week 1, so everyone still has at least 1 week of football action to see who they really wanna release back into the wild and who they want to keep. It’s an odd season we all are about to embark on and calls for a little deviation from the usual…
Let me know what y’all think. Appreciate the feedback!!

I think everyone will feel more informed making decisions after week 1. But it’s still a small sample, you could argued that one week of football might lead to red herrings in the long run.

I really can see merit for both, the purists will want it preseason, the risk adverse after week 1. You might be a more popular Commish opting for week 1.

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