Is Elkeler an important handcuff?

rBs are


Do I really need to keep Ekeler? I hate holding that spot hostage when I could use to stash a D or possibly another RB or WR. Have had him much of the season and the one game he played in London was a dud.

Thoughts from the footclan?

Drop bell. And yes, cause there is a 0% chance that any waiver wire add except a hand cuff works their way into your line up at this point w/ byes wrapping up.

Except maybe a D

Right on Bell, was really thinking more of the WR depth.

I have five WR and was not wanting to drop Sutton to pick up a streaming TE this week. Also need a D This week so I need to drop two.

Bell and Sutton or Ekeler possibly.

You have so many quality RBs, I wouldn’t blame you for dropping him. If Gordon goes down, you still have Conner, Fournette, Jones which are arguably all RB1s ROS.

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I agree with @Hazel11 I’m in the camp of not being a fan of handcuffs unless you are really lacking depth at that position. But with the amount of startable RB’s you have I don’t blame you if you drop Ekeler