Is Fitz magic a legit QB for the next 2 weeks!?

Fitz magic has been lighting up everyone he plays. He has to fall to earth sometime. Is he someone to actually target for a week 3 stream?

Vs steelers, I’d say he is definitely a great stream option. Not necessarily vs Chicago though.

The steelers game will be his last game to be just him, Winston will be back for Chicago. Im going to stream Fitzmagic this week and maybe hold onto him just to see if he or Winston gets traded.

I think it’s going to be a hot hand approach. Similar to the Teddy/Keenum situation from last year. They might just let Fitzmagic keep going until he really blows some back to back games or something.

Objectively, Fitzpatrick is a better passing quarterback than Jameis has been. Every single WR performs better with Fitzmagic than with Jameis. Only position that benefited more from Jameis is the TE.