Is Foles the pickup?

Wentz owner here. Second round of playoff bound. Is Foles the replacement or is there someone that you have more confidence in as a replacement? Thoughts?

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Obviously it depends on who’s out there. I’d look to see if Bortles is out there first (and Rogers, in case somehow someone dropped him and he’s gone unclaimed to this point. Then I’d probably look at Garrapolo and Foles. Not sure who I’d pick between the two.

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Im also a wentz owner… I’m going to try to grab both he and bortles. bortles will probably have the priority since foles is the lesser name. I do like Foles’ odds of hitting 18 points in one or both of these upcoming 2 games

Wentz mourner here, too. Luckily in an 8 person league, so Keenum, Bortles, and Goff on the wire. Thoughts?

Bottles, Keenum, Goff, in that order. I’d probably try to Grab the first two.

Thanks footclan! Just put in a claim for Bortles, $5 FAAB (only have $10 left). 2nd claim for Garoppolo. The remaining teams are set in the QB position so I’m hoping I don’t need to go deeper than that.

Same for me. Bortles, Stafford, and garrapalo are available. I’m thinking of prioritizing them in that order. Or is stafford the guy?

Yeah Bortles is prob gonna make magic these next couple of weeks. Of course, Keenum can’t be overlooked, even tho Cincy next week could be a problem. BUT…wow…I think either one could be one of the next up and coming HOT QB’S for next year!!!