Is Fournette worth it?

I’m thinking of trading for Fournette. I’m thinking of offering Conner, R Freeman and Baldwin to receive Fournette and R Woods. What do you think?

I don’t think that guy would take that but if he does you should run with itthen trade for Yeldon

Fournette owner. I would decline. Maybe for Mark Ingram but that’s about it. I do think Royce is a fine RB but they won’t give him a chance.

I was actually going to give him Ingram, but he already has Brees and MT.

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I have Yeldon and patience… I was going to see where the Fournette stood in a few weeks and offer him Fuller/Wentz and a draft pick for Fournette. I understand he’s a great player, but his annual production is tanking along with that guy’s team… He might not even be back until after the bye according to some speculation…

I was a Fournette owner up until two days ago. I would not have taken that trade with Bell coming back soon. Ingram…yeah I would have. I had an offer of Dalvin Cook for Fournette. I took it and ran. Cook seems like he has a better shot to play in the near future. For what it’s worth, I traded Aaron Jones and Calvin Ridley for Ingram the same day. I liked Jones and wanted to sell high on Ridley.


You sold high on Ridley? Who would you rather have rest of season: Ridley or Alshon? Why? And is one a good trade for the other in 1/2 PPR points per first down and long plays Yahoo scoring… Asking for a friend :slight_smile:

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I would take Alshon. He’s the #1 in a decent offense and he is proven. Ridley is still the #2/#3 in Atlanta. I feel like he is too touchdown dependent and the snap count just isn’t there for him. I know that doesn’t matter to some folks, but it’s a red flag to me.

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