Is freeman droppable?

I didnt draft devonta freeman, i traded for him 3 weeks ago (big mistake)… but is he droppable if he has a chance to return this season?

He is missing at a minimum 8 weeks, so he would literally come back for week 15 and 16 - can you afford to hold and then bank on him to produce if you even make it that far?

I’m probably saying no.

I would say he is droppable. He is eligible to return in 8 weeks which means at best he is available for week 15 or 16. Even if he comes back then and he is healthy, would you feel confident starting him against your semi final or championship opponent after essentially not playing all season? All that is assuming you’ve even made it that far with him clogging up a roster spot all year. If you have an IR spot, or perhaps in a 14 team league with deep benches, then I guess worth the stash, but otherwise drop him like a bad habit.

Also a Freeman owner (R2 draft pick :/). Seeing things as Desertdregs mentioned. If you have the depth to burn a spot until the end of the season then maybe, but going to be hard to trust him for MAYBE 2 weeks if he hasn’t played for 8…I’m pretty sure I need to move on him - also can’t imagine anyone jumping to pick him up given his (non)production so far, so could look to pick him back up later if really needed.

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for the record, I was a Freeman owner until i dropped him about an hour ago

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Sending him to waivers tomorrow…swapping for Ito :confused: