Is Gilly Droppable?

I feel at this point he’s just taking up a roster spot since he hasn’t produced since week 2… is he droppable or am I just talking crazy? Standard scoring

Yea Lewis is the back to own.

If you need a waiver pickup for the ‘bye-pocalypse’, then he’s clearly a drop candidate. However, with the defensive performance last night - assuming that the Pats def is getting/has got it together - it may lead to similar circumstances that produced last years Blount role. I would suggest that on the goal line Gilly is still the better back despite not getting the work in that match up. If you can, I would hold.

Definitely some good input. My RBs are solid as I have Bell Hunt Shady and Ty Mont but I’m considering adding to my QB depth. I have Wentz and Tyrod but Jameis Winston hit waivers and I usually wouldn’t roster 3 QBs but Wentz has some tough matchups upcoming (Denver, BYE, @ Seattle) and I love Tyrods schedule but I feel like Winston is a serious add. Or I’m just crazy talking about rostering 3 QBs? Thanks for the help… should go to 4-3 tonight as long as Wentz has even a very ok night. Down by 3 with wentz left so 4-3 looks pretty likely