Is going RB round 1,2 & 3 too much in a 3 WR league?

I have 1st pick in my 3 WR league tonight…10 teams HPPR… 2xRB 3xWR 1xFlex

Im considering going RB heavy with my first 3 picks… am I mad? or should i try and snag one of the tier 2 WRs on the turn with my 2nd and 3rd picks?.. I’ll be honest i’m comfy going either way with this one

What are your thoughts though ?

I’ve had a few drafts in the first 3 picks and either end up w something like Kamara/Cook/Mixon/Woods/Edelman going 3 RB or else something like CMC/Tyreek/Thielen/Aaron Jones/Ingram II going RB WR WR. I think I am more optimistic about the 3RB route frankly given the plethora of potential WR breakout options this season. Oh, I also did Saquon/Juju/D. Williams/Thielen with a #1 a few weeks ago.

No because runnings backs are a premium there are only so many dominant running backs and so many teams have at least to receivers that are competitive and could easily pick up receivers from the free agent pool as a new guy steps up

Should clarify those leagues have all been only 2 WR 2RB 1 Flex

I also feel like i go with 3 stud RBs i may be able to trade one of them for a stud WR later int he season… I like to draft like that as well

Im looking to take Kamara #1… and then come back with like Fournette/ Carson/ Montgomery at the 2/3 turn… or a combo like that… Saquon’s offense scares me…