Is Goodwin back?

Do u think Goodwin is back to his old form of last season wher he put up big numbers and everyone loved him so much he was being drafted so high and everyone had high expectations? I don’t know whether to buy in on him or pass…my bench wrs now r Cooper, Godwin and Coutee…I’m in a full ppr league any opinions and comments appreciated!

He looks like he’s back to his deep threat ways and vs the Rams he might be a sneaky play. The Rams secondary have been really bad especially to deep threats like Goodwin and lets be honest the 49ers could be near 40-45 pass attempts with what the Rams offense can do to any defense. He is a good high upside guy for sure.

Not sure who i’d drop out of those names, would have been Cooper but you need to wait for the trade deadline to pass now which is annoying as i don’t think he will get traded unless the Raiders move on the price for him. Probably Coutee would be the drop

Yea the price tag they initially slapped on cooper is never gonna happen but I think for sure he will get dealt one thing gruden is doing well this year is blowing up that raiders team…

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