Is Gurley a Keeper in Round 4?

I originally drafted Todd Gurley in his rookie year in the 4th round, and he’s been a keeper ever since. Given the fallout last year and general concerns with his health, I am wondering if I should let him go, or keep him again this year.

10 Team, non PPR, 2 QB League

Without knowing your other options… yes. Definitely.

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Yep keep him. If he plays he’s a shoe in for top 10 RB. He’s on a “veteran schedule” right now so that means no preseason games and can sit out of practices/camp when needed. So they’re taking it slow to make sure he’s ready for the season.

I understand people have concerns with his knee, but I feel like people forget that he has basically averaged close to 2000 scrimmage yards and 20 touchdowns each of the past two seasons. He is an a great rb on a top offense, I think keeping him in the 4th is a no brainer

Yes definitely. I think even if he absolutely busts due to injury you’re still in a position where this was the right move at the time. I think he is a steal at round 4 value.

Heck Yeah. Keep him and don’t look back.