Is head-to-head the best way to determine playoff teams?

In our league, as in every league I’ve been in, we have a player who has a team worthy of the playoffs, but their head-to-head record may not be good enough. They are 2nd in the league in total points and, frankly, I’d be scared to play them in the playoffs. It’s all because their points against are way above the norm. I’ve heard of other ways to determine who makes the playoffs, but the platforms I know of (Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS) don’t allow other ways to determine who makes the playoffs. Isn’t there a better way?

Other scoring systems I’ve seen used are:
1 point for a win, 1 point for having a score in the top 1/2 of the league that week. Top x teams make the playoffs
Rank teams in 1-12 from highest scoring to lowest… 1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc. each week. Sort in ascending order and top x (best overall ordinal ranking) get in.

The big boys (yahoo/espn/cbs) can’t do this automatically. You can decide of a criteria and then blow up the standings at the end of the regular season and assign matchups manually.

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So uh, short answer is yes. Win in the season, that’s what good teams that deserve playoff spots do. consider getting rid of divisions and having to best record with total points scored be the tie breaker.

I’ve heard of that system where each week you play two games, one head to head and one against the rest of the league. I tried to see if it could be set up automatically on Yahoo, but it can’t. I guess it’s just a little extra work and something that I could put in place next year as the commissioner.

However, looking into scores a little more, that wouldn’t make a difference in our standings this year anyway. The guy who has a high point total and high points against has had a couple of really big weeks, but more than half the time he’s finished in the bottom half of scoring. He’s got a great team on paper and almost every week he has the highest point projection, but lots of guys like Julio and Kareem Hunt are underperforming for him and it will probably cost him a playoff spot.

I actually have Julio and Hunt on my team, but it’s PPR, so it hasn’t been too bad, but I get it. We have one team that has had the lowest winning score 4 weeks this year. Three weeks ago he was in 2nd place, even though he had the lowest points total. Three losses in a row now and he’s in 8th place, and might lose this week again. It’s just the schedule you face sometimes, and that’s that luck of fantasy football.

There’s another team with the 2nd highest point total, but they ran into buzz saws a couple of weeks, and they’re on the playoff bubble. It would be nice if you could guarantee that the best rosters and highest scores always make the playoffs, but that’s rarely the case.