Is Hunt worth of going after in a Dynasty?

What are your thoughts with Hunt this year and next? I want to trade for him, just not sure what to think at this point and how much to offer for him.


It’s really too hard to tell what would be fair value as there’s just too much unknown about his situation for the end of 2019 when he’s available and what chubb does in his absence and then if he’s still with Cleveland or with another team for 2020.

I personally love Hunt in Dynasty, especially at the price you can get him currently. There’s risk, but I find it hard to believe he’s with the Browns next year. A lot lined up for him to go to Cleveland (Grew up there, Dorsey drafted him, good team, etc). A perfect place to get his career back on track and then sign elsewhere as a team’s RB1 in 2020.

Best case scenario, but it’s a risk I’d be willing to take. Even if he stays, I still think he’s going to be very fantasy relevant.

New Orleans supported 2 RB 1s in 2017. After the Superbowl win it will be hard to let Hunt go. I imagine they let Duke go saving 5 million per season and sign Hunt to approximately 6 million per season and keep the dynamic duo. Heading into 2020 with 2 WR 1s a TE 1 two RB 1s and the GOAT Cleveland should dominate the first two rounds of fantasy. I would expect the team total to be around 9000 points. At those totals the team mascot and equipment manager become potential fantasy starters.

Realistically Hunt will not be a good player to own this year barring major injury to Chubb, and even then you’ll have Hunt for Week 9 and onward after he’s served his suspension. There’s no guarantee he retains his 2018 value through this season into next when he’ll be a Restricted Free Agent. If he stays in Cleveland it’s more difficult to see him returning to form with Chubb there, and obviously another team would have to sign him if he doesn’t re-sign with Cleveland. There are a lot of questions regarding his future, but obviously Kareem is a very skilled and talented player. He could end up with his name in the news again and suspended/banned. Risky but potentially high reward acquisition if you can get him for cheap. I wouldn’t offer anyone established on your roster, but maybe future draft picks in combo with another young unproven could be enough.