Is Hyde’s value up or down?

Yesterday I agreed to a trade where I’d be giving up Hyde and Edelman for Robert Woods… it’s being voted on currently and idk if I should take the trade still if Hyde’s value is rising
My current RBs are Kamara Hyde Lynch(out for 4 weeks) AP Foreman and Chubb
My WRs are Adams Gordon Edelman Coutee and Kearse
Would u still be doing the trade or would u rather keep Hyde?

Hyde’s value is up. But I would still go through with this trade.

Kupp is down Woods is going to see even more opportunity. And even with Kupp he’s great.

We still don’t know how Hyde will be utilized, how long until he plays, and more.

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Yea I’ve been trying to get rid of Edelman cuz I have Gordon and Gronk I’d rather not have all 3 on my team

Tough to say. If Fournette is out an extended amount of time (which looks like is the case based on this move) then it’s up. If Fournette comes back after their bye week, then Hyde’s value drops and is merely a handcuff. But, looking at Fournette’s injury history, that might be sooner than later.

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You’d go thru with the trade?

Get Woods, he’s great this year. He’s like number 8 receiver and doing it totally under the radar. Hyde is interesting. IDK what his value is. As a Yeldon and Fournette owner I am deeply troubled…


I’m glad I didn’t trade for him I almost did last week