Is Isaiah Crowell done for?

Crowell is on the waiver wire in my league and I am thinking about picking him up. I am 5-1 and am trying to pick up some guys and stash them on my bench in hopes that they turn things around. Is it worth giving a roster spot to Crowell? Would likely drop Alex Collins for him.


I’d keep Collins. Seems like Crowell’s ceiling is about 10 points

Def roster crowell if you have space… But don’t drop a better piece for the flyer.

I would NOT drop Collins for him

The issue is the team (offense) and the coach. Hue likes to say he wants to use Crow more, but he doesn’t. Part of that is game script. Part of that is his coaching. Take last year for example. Pryor had a good year; it should have been better. The play calling was so vanilla and boring, most of Pryor’s routes were to run fast and straight, and either a) keep going or b) quick turn in. My point is Hue is no good, and he wont’ smartly use Crow.

As for game script, the Browns are BAD. Their receiving corp is worthless. Their DEF is OK, but they always get worn down. So the Browns get behind, and then running with Crow isn’t going to happen. I also think, though not confirm, he’s probably not 100%. This isn’t based on a story, but in preseason, he had a hamstring issue. In some games, he got 15+ carries, and didn’t do much. I think he’s not where he needs to be.

But the answer to Collins vs. Crow? BALT isn’t very good right now, either. They are more of a passing team, which Collins isn’t a part of. You didn’t specify if STD or PPR. Neither of these guys is a catching back, so if you want Yards and TDs…Browns don’t score many TDs. I’d lean Collins.

PS: I’m in a PPR, and I offered Gallman for Crow. The guy countered by offering me Crow for Melvin Gordon, lol.