Is it better to keep a player who can start for you or BAP?

Hey everybody, I’m in a keep 6 players league, and I’ve been pondering this for a while. I’m in a PPR league with the standard 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and a flex. I’m keeping:
CMC, Joe Mixon, Dalvin Cook, OBJ, and Amari Cooper

I am debating between keeping Evan Engram, who’s looking nice this year or Devonta Freeman, who I’ve been high on since Coleman left. Obviously barring injury, Freeman should be a great PPR RB. But he will possibly ride the bench a lot, unlike Engram who would be a week in and out starter. I’m not sure which way is better, to keep the player i think is better or to keep the player who can actually play every week…

Normally I take RB all day every day over TE. However, you bring up a good point, Freeman will most likely ride the bench all year and is an injury risk. Based on your knowledge of the league/keepers, what does the TE landscape look like? If guys like Howard, Njoku, ASJ (just signed with NE) are available then I keep Freeman. But, if the TE situation is barren, I would strongly consider Engram and maybe look to trade Freeman for a pick.

There is a chance that George Kittle may be available in my draft. The owner also owns Kelce so I don’t think he keeps two TE’s and i have the 1.02 and i would draft Kittle at 1.02 and keep Freeman.

But guaranteed TE’s in my draft are Hunter Henry(I own him), Njoku, Trey Burton, Tyler Eifert, Jimmy Graham, Chris Herndon. And obviously the fate of Engram is in my hands. Nobody really sticks out like crazy except Kittle and Engram

I also like Njoku’s talent but me having OBJ slightly makes me want him less. But with that said is it barren to you if Kittle isn’t there?

With Henry, Engram, Njoku, Burton, Graham, Herdon, ASJ, and maybe Kittle available, I keep Freeman. Then at 1.02, the only TE I consider is Kittle but not over a solid RB/WR 2 with 1 upside. Kittle is a stud but the offense is completely new- new qb, new competition, new rb pieces; so, he has danger too. For example, if I had the choice of Kerryon and Kittle at the 1.02, I take Kerryon and draft a TE later.

I’d take best player available at that point. Keeping Engram would be nice, but I think he or a similar equivalent will be available later than Freeman would.

I would go with Freeman. Engram could have a monster year with OBJ gone, but many of the TEs you said might be available could be comparable. For sure RB1 on a team, who also has pass catching ability…just seems like Freeman is too good to pass up.