Is it Colluding if its a fair trade?

Hey FFBallers, Im Alan from NJ. Been listening to ur show for 3 years now and cnt deny the genius behind every insight, advice, and joke. Great Show!

My Question - So im officially out of the playoff run. My cousin who is in 2nd place wanted Julio and Murray from me for an unreasonable trade. I said No because that wud b Colluding and Im not bout that life. So he asked for a fair trade. And i was thinking about asking for Gurly alone or Gurly and Amendola. But I stopped and thought, as fair as the trade is. Is it Colluding if im officially out? Like I said im not bout that life lol. Thanks guys and Happy Holidays

It’s not colluding if it’s a fair trade but looking at that offer I would not consider it fair and would rightly be annoyed if I was in your league (especially if I knew you were cousins). You have to think how you would if you were in the playoff hunt and maybe offer Julio for Gurley and find someone equal to DeMarco (and Danny Amendola does not fall in that bracket).

Props for not being bout that lyf.