Is it crazy to bench Odell this week?

So I have Mt and OBJ with K allen on the bench and im thinking of playing allen. Am I stupid or should I just have faith in obj?

do you have a flex spot?

I would 100% play Allen, if OBJ is good to go it’s close to me between MT and him. If NO were at home i’d say MT no question but Brees on the road has been shaky this year.

Flex spot unless you have three locked and loaded RB1’s and 2s.

We have no idea if OBJ is playing yet, do we?

hes questionable but it seems as if he could play. But I wouldnt be surprised if he played but was limited or was rested

I would start Keenan Allen and Michael Thomas and forget OBJ exists until we know he’s going to play.

Can you not start all 3? Don’t think any of them belong on the bench. Allen has been absolutely balling out for like 5 weeks now so you can’t bench him.

Brees and MT vs that Carolina D is another great start. And OBJ is OBJ.