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Is it crazy to draft a QB in rounds 1-2 in an 8 person 1 QB PPR league?


I’m new to an 8 person PPR work league. From talking with some of the other guys, they seem to like drafting players like Aaron Rogers, Matt Ryan etc as early as round 1 assuming DJ, Elliot, etc have already been taken. I told them this sounds really early but they said to look at who the top scorers were last year and indeed Rogers is in the top 10.


Let them take those guys and load up on WR and RB. 8 teams, you’ll be loaded and still looking at Jameis, Stafford, Wilson, Rivers, Roethlisberger after round 4 or 5. Once you get past the top 4 or 5 QB’s, the point projections are pretty close per game between QB 6 and QB 16.


Thanks. I keep hearing people talk about “scarcity” with the RB position. If if you start towards the end of the 8 person draft and draft in position 8 and 9 or 7 and 10 then I guess you could come out with guys like both Devonta Freeman and DeMarco Murry which would only make that position even scarcer.


Yes, it’s crazy. Passing up on top 8 WRs and RBs is nuts.


you are correct in seeing that a lot of QBs score highly overall. but in an 8 man, even if everyone else drafts 2 QBs, that means you can still draft the 15th best QB with your last pick. take your depth at other positions and let them draft high on QB. you will be laughing the whole way to a championship. because there are 32 teams, and around 40ish running backs that are viable options. everyone in your league needs 2. the points you gain from having exceptional depth at RB and WR way beat out having a powerhouse QB with your first pick. because the more you draft of those types of players while they are out getting QBs and TEs, the more you starve them of the most important positions. RB and WR.


How many top 20 RB is too many? If you take 3 in the top 20, does it make sense to keep going? I guess it is all situational in every draft.


If your work league mates take 2 QBs, there will be 14 off the board. That would mean you can roll out guys like Rivers, Dalton or Rothlesburger. That is just fine with me. Get 2-3 RBs and WRs early, and then just stack high upside depth. Your friends might outscore you at one position a few weeks, but you’ll outscore them at all of the other positions.


yep it is all situational. if i have three top 20 WRs, and 3 top 20 RBs, im probably snagging at least 1 more RB depending on who it is. because you can always find low end WRs that are serviceable. that you can spot play week to week. RBs are not the same. after a certain point RBs are almost not even worth owning. so if you end up with 4 top 20 RBs and three top 20 WRs, thats a hell of a job. because now you also have trading power with your RBs. you can sell a lower end guy for a higher end any other position just because people need them. now i still dont go crazy with it but if you can pull that off (and with people drafting QB 1st round its possible) it just gives you different avenues to work with. because remember, there is only ever 1 RB on the field (usually) at a time. WRs there are always at least 2 (usually). they are more valuable, but deeper. so you can pull strats like that off. biggest advice otherwise, keep your options open. dont focus on one strat or idea. stay calm and take best avaible first pick at RB or WR, and then play off of what you see from your draft-mates.


The fact that they score so many points doesn’t matter when determining value, but rather the standard deviation at the position. For example, the point difference between QB1-QB12 is way way smaller than the point difference between RB1-RB12.

Let them take quarterbacks. You grab those positions that have greater disparity.