Is it crazy?

Is it crazy to think to start both ekeler and gordon

IMO yes, but we might be getting there. I haven’t seen Ekeler with that many projected points in any of my leagues though.

caps your upside
stick with Breida or start Johnson if you don’t trust SF

Ive just watching him steadily put up points on my bench. Johnson seems to still have the rookie leash pulled close to the him and SF is still working out their issues, even though they are going up against Arizona. I feel like I have a decent backbone going though.

If you need max upside, against Oakland especially i’d be willing to start both sure. Ekeler is getting enough looks both on the ground and in the air to be of value and he is making plays with almost every touch.

Oakland just gave up 42 points to the Browns, Ekeler gets a consistent 7 touches a game and could easily break of a run or catch for a long TD vs OAK.

Equally I wouldn’t fight you for starting Breida vs the Cards as he will get more guaranteed touches. Though he does seem to be leaving games for spells regularly so i think he’s playing through some niggles so there’s a risk he checks out for an extended period for his knee or shoulder which could be being managed? Certainly no issue with Ekeler as a flex play though, more so in good matchups like this week.