Is it dirty?

Is it dirty if I send a trade request tomorrow knowing the review process will take 2 full days to conclude ie Monday. This way I get to start my trading away player and more or less skip the player I am getting’s bye?

Fully support it. Play dumb if accused lol.

But I also don’t want to make people distrust me :confused:

I don’t think it’s dirty. If the team that accepts it knows the trade review process then they accept just as much responsibility. I wouldn’t play dumb if accused though because what are they really accusing you of? Taking advantage of the system and thinking ahead? I’d just come forward if they ask because honesty goes a long way. If you think they might have an issue ask your league commish what he thinks about it.

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That’s the route I was planning on going, make the proposal and notify them of it. If he ask why about my rationale/change of heart, we already discussed the trade and I opted to table it until next week. In my mind Friday is effectively next week in terms of trade.

I don’t think Friday is effectively next week lol. It’s not dirty but it’s sly. Nobody should have a problem with that and if they do they are just salty. Own up to it but I see nothing wrong with this.

dirty isn’t cheating so you won’t go to hell or anything