Is it finally time to drop David Johnson?

I just picked up Woodhead as a stash and I want to put him on my IR but David Johnson has been hogging that spot for me all year. I was looking to pick up Rex Burkhead since he’s finally healthy and seems to be Edelman’s replacement in the Pats offense but is he worth dropping David Johnson? I know he’s probably not coming back this year but if he does and someone else grabs him because I dropped him I might jump off a bridge.

RBs: Martin, Mixon, Henry, Morris, McFadden, Lat Murray, Woodhead, Johnson

I’m 4-4 right now so I’m fighting for a playoff spot

yes!!! Arians said they are going to shut him down ROS

But then DJ said that Arians doesn’t know what he’s talking about and said he’s hopeful to return this year

Coach has more power in who starts than a player so I’d trust the coach until news changes. Especially if you’re fighting for a playoff spot, you need immediate help, not a low potential prospect.