Is it Gio the rest of the way or.......?

Gio has always been the guy behind Mixon but now that he’s getting older so you think they will see what they have in Trayveon Williams or Samaje Perine since they know they aren’t making the playoffs?
Just curious if either is worth picking up in dynasty if I have a bench spot and am the Mixon owner.
Zeke owner has Gio and I have Pollard so the potential trade is there but doubtful.

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Right now I think so. Others got burn last week but I think the game being out of hand already was the big factor in him sitting

They’re worth picking up in dynasty because I think Bernard is in last season of his deal and about to be 29 years old.

If you have a bench in dynasty I’d gamble on trayveon. But it’s very likely an air ball hail Mary.


Someone dropped Alshon so I scooped him up. Would you drop Cam Sims or Alshon to try and see if Williams pays out as being a potential backup for Mixon in the future?

Alshon I think I’d be fine with dropping. His future is very limited in my opinion as I’m really not convinced he’ll ever be the 1 on his team again and perhaps not even the 2. He’s pretty much in the ty hilton bracket of big name but done

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Makes sense, what do you think about offering Pollard to the Zeke owner for Gio then?

If you can win now sure. But it’s not a move you need to make and in fact might be more of benefit to the zeke owner given gio might not be with Bengals in 2021.

Pollard I also like in case zeke is shut down but gio is the more immediate help to anyone that can win this season.

I like Gio the rest of the way. If you did not move Pollard, I think that is not a bad offer to the Zeke owner. Pollard is awesome and showed it yesterday. I think that might get it done for you. That said, after Burrow going down I’d be holding Pollard. Obv this is coming with more knowledge after Sun games, but figured I’d add it just in case.

Ended up moving Pollard but it was for a 2021 2nd and then I moved up in the draft at one of my firsts as well. Basically Pollard, a late first, and a 3rd for an early 1st and a 2nd.

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That’s how to move up in a draft. Well done!