Is it just me or does yahoo give out terrible draft grades?

I don’t even like listening to their player projections

They give out grades against their rankings. I think a lot of their rankings and projections are garbage so I don’t worry too much.

Yesterday I massacred this draft. Completely destroyed it. They gave me a C+. Whatever, honestly don’t care.

Then I’m reading their draft report, and Yahoo is calling me out because in the fifth round I drafted a wr, filling my flex instead of “more important positions” like QB and TE. Full PPR.

Now maybe I’m secretly a moron and everyone else has it all figured out, but I could have sworn that there are 20+ startable QBs and plenty of options at TE. I thought for some crazy reason that bellcow runningbacks and high end wrs were scarce.

Is this real life?

My league is on Yahoo. One guy got an A+, but missed the playoffs. The guy with the lowest draft grade dominated the league and won the championship. I got a C, but finished 2nd. Their grades seem like garbage to me.

I done 10+ drafts on yahoo and all I get are C grades. I like my team so I just ignore their grades.