Is it legitimately unfair to have Gurley? Lol

I don’t know how stupid this comment is… it isn’t coming out of frustration at all, but is there an argument to be made that it is actually unfair to have Gurley? Doesn’t seem possible to lose with him if you have half a brain in building a roster.

I know there isn’t really any solution to this, but thought it’d be interesting to get peoples opinions

Gurley owner in my league is finally going to lose this week. He certainly does help your roster a lot though, that guy has Ab, kelce, and then a bunch of nobodies

It’s getting there. Gurley this season is encroaching on that 2007 LT-esque / 2000s marshall faulk level of production. Dude is averaging 2 TDs a game which is just absurd. I remember back in those days, whoever got the 1.01 pick actually had to forfeit their 2nd round pick cause it was genuinely unfair to get LT and also get another top 20-24 player.

Let’s see how long this keeps up…

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Yeah I lost to a Gurley owner this week. Literally him have Gurley and Denver DST is giving him the win. All his other players were a bust.

Losing 93.1 - 78.6
He has Dalton/ Green vs KC
I have Barkley/ Ridley

you’re actually still in it. barkley might realistically put up like 40. And if ridley gets a couple lucky breaks, you’re in it. just have to avoid a Green/Dalton stack.

Unfortunately, i can’t root for you. I have dalton / green playing as well.

Holy hell… they actually had to forfeit 2nd round picks? I didn’t play fantasy back then but remembered how insane LT and Faulk were. Is this determined by the league you’re in?

Yes. It was on a case by case basis but a lot of the more sophisticated leagues, forced the 1.01 to forfeit a 2nd round pick or at a bare minimum, did a 3rd round reversal where basically instead of the 1.01 getting the 2.12 and 3.01, they would end up getting the 1.01, 2.12 and 3.12. Honestly, that’s a format I’m a big fan of as is anyway.

Because drafting LT at 1st overall, and then getting to draft another two RB1/WR1 back to back was legit unfair.

I’m probably losing this week with Gurley. Kearse & Cards D - Thanks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah my concerns with Kearse kind of showed up. He’s not that good of a WR and when he runs outside, he is like pretty trash. Unfortunate. I had Cardinals D too but luckily, I also had andrew luck and sanders.

It didn’t matter where he was running that game. I learned my lesson picking those two. Don’t trust rookie QBs. That’s my bad. Totally on me. I knew better.

I had Luck , Gurley and Ertz but not looking good. I’m down 20 w Boyd and Butker against Coleman. There is a world in which I win this but not looking good.

Not with Andy Dalton playing like absolute trash against the leagues worst D.

The mortal wound is I was going against Gronk. He put in Nick OLeary and instead of an advantage. He ends up getting nearly 5 more points on me because Kearse has ZERO.

Thanks Butker!

Looks way windier in KC than what was projected.

We all know Dalton can’t throw in the wind.

We all know dalton can’t throw. Period.

He’s done fine this season in this system. I’ve been generally impressed. Hasn’t been perfect but better than I expected. That said. 77 yards, 11 plays, Touchdown - Boyd ZERO of it. Grrrrrrrrr

It’s cause Boyd is probably drawing their slot corner coverage. Fuller is the chiefs best CB.

Yeah Fuller’s on him and I knew that but couldn’t not start him with everyone else but Watkins on bye.

Yeah not saying you did anything wrong. You can’t bench Boyd either way. But that might be the reason why he is disappoint so far.

On a side note, can we talk about how f***ing good Kareem Hunt is?

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Yeah. I wish I would have been able to buy into him more. He was someone’s keeper in most of my leagues though. Hard to part guys from a player that helped them so much last year too.

Do you see Gurley moving into this category? I wish the ballers / other analysts would mention this topic sometime

If he continues at this pace, I think he is already in that category. For comparison, here is Gurley’s current season pace compared to what I consider to be the all time greats:

Assumes half ppr scoring

Gurley 2018-19: 27.6 PPG, 442 total points
LT 2006-07: 28.3 PPG, 453 total points
Faulk 2000-01: 29.6 ppg, 415 total points (shortened season)

So I’d say he’s right there.