Is it me? All my trades are rejected or vetoed

Am I proposing bad trades or is my league just against them? Currently 5-2 and good RB depth. Gordon, mccaffery, Cohen, j Conner and l Murray. In need of wide receivers, and possibly a new QB (Russell and rivers) so been putting out trades. 7 in total have been rejected (5)or vetoed (2). Examples include: mccaffery for deandre Hopkins, Rodgers and j Brown for Russell and mccaffery, and Newton/Gordon for Tarik and Baldwin. All trades to teams with only one good RB on the roster. What’s up? Do i need some lessons on trades or do I need to find a new league.

It’s the league. My league has been the same way. Your competition jusyndoesnt want you to improve. It’s prob the same people every single time too.

I mean you are winning these, but it’s not like cheating to win a trade and make your team better. The other team as you say is gaining something too