Is it officially over for Ty’Son?

I saw he was a healthy scratch….but The backs that were active didn’t really do much on Sunday. Do I see if he gets active and gets his job back or do I abandon ship and move on?

Good question…I have him in a lot of leagues. Wondering if I hold him or let him go

I’d hold for now unless you’re just extremely desperate for a roster spot. One week means little in the ultimate scheme of things.

I think they are worried about him holding onto the ball.

Similar happened with Alex Collins at the start of the year in 2017 and he still ended up being valuable but I’m not sure here. Williams clearly is more athletic than anyone in that backfield and has a lot less miles but it could just come down to who they trust not to fumble and to pick up on pass protection. Looks like Murray to me for now even if he’s not the best he’s steady.

Soooo somehow the guy who had Latavius Murray dropped hi. Wasn’t gonna drop Williams, but clearly going to replace him with the guy the Ravens clearly like lol.

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