Is it ok to call out owners that stopped changing their line up?

So, i was listening to wednesday’s show and the guys talked about this in a mailbag question. But now im confused. Did i do something wrong?
Im 7-6, the 4th and 5th are 7-6 too. Im playing the 4th this week, if i win i pass him. So to get to the playoffs, i need the 5th to lose. The problem is, the 5th is playing a 5-8 eliminated team, and the guy has collins(IR) and powell(IR) as starters, with ekeler, gore, drake, edelman and ridley on the bench.
So, i went to our group chat and said exactly what was happening: i need to win and the 5th to lose, but the opponent(i didnt say his name) is not changing his line up. After a few hours, everybody read the chat, no one said anything about it, and the 5-8 fella changed his lineup. Now he’s projected to win(his team is actually good, with AB and Kelce).

Was this a dick move by me? Or am i right to ask the guy to set his line up so the league is more balanced and i have a chance to win? I couldnt fully understand mike and andy’s points of view.

These scenarios are so divisive. I tend to lean on your side however. The way I look at it is that when someone stops changing their lineup and has two IR players like that, it is the same as giving the opposing team a bye they didn’t earn.

I can see the other side where that’s the way to cookie crumbles, and that is part of the experience. But, if that is how he is going to play he should be removed from the league and replaced with someone more active.

If I remember right (might have to listen to the show again), they went back and forth but never really came to a consensus answer… I think Mike and Brooks were pretty much okay with it, and Andy wasn’t really okay with it.

For your situation specifically, I’d say since you made it public to the whole league that you were trying to coax the manager to change his lineup and no one said anything, you’re all good. If you’re going to do something like that, I think that the way you did it is the right way to do it!

I dont know why they(more specifically Andy) were so hard on the question. I have texted other owners to set their line up, it is completely unfair that I have to win my game and then have it not matter that some other team decided to stop trying and the other guy gets to waltz in because of it. I also have a friend in my league that unless we are playing each other that week, will get advice from the other.


I think you did this right - in public (group chat). Would be different if you sent a private message.

This answers make me feel better about my decision haha
The main reason why i called him out to change the lineup is that my draft was terrible, i picked mckinnon, devonta freeman, aj green, royce freeman, rex burkhead, and some other names that had potential and just pooped all over the season with injuries or not playing.
And even with that bad draft, starting 1-4, i managed to get this close to the playoffs by spending a lot of time on the waiver wire search. And to lose my spot to a guy with an ok team just because the other owner gave up, made me feel like my whole season trying to recover my team from this draft was just being thrown in the garbage…