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Is it okay to bench Dak for Cousins?


I know he’s ranked higher but he’s playing my home team this week and I just don’t want to have to root for him… LOL

Anyone have any real justifiable reasons to do this as well? No Zeke? Dez banged up? Tyron Smith might miss again? These are all legit… right?


Even tho the Saints have been great I’d rather start Cousins than Dak as well since the entire offense has fallen apart without Zeke


I don’t think Dak will have the protection he needs, especially with that Eagles rush D/ST. But if he plays from behind the Eagles can be exploited at the pass…


Honestly man being a monster eagles fan myself, you absolutely can not play dak Prescott. Especially this week. In no way shape or form is it ok to be “secretly” rooting for the cowgirls because you want your fantasy team to do well. Cousins will be fine against NO, as he did great vs. Minnesota but you do not start a cowgirl during Dallas week… Fly Eagles Fly!! :eagle::eagle::eagle:


Ya may beat us this week but we aren’t going away anytime soon! Gonna be a long heated rivalry for years to come now that ya got a QB-I would start Cousins ahead of Dak this week-Cowboys 4 Life!!!


Haha honestly Eagles Cowboys is the best rivalry in the NFL and you’re right about one thing that it’ll be the 2 of us duking it out for years to come with 2 premier QBs. Just know that the Iggles are gonna fly high!!


Sorry 7milestyle I had to reply-lol-


A guy just now offered me Alex Smith for my Carson Wentz! Smh-NOPE!


Thank you @7milestyle and @DABOYS4LIFE for being understanding about my need to bench Dak tomorrow! Now I see there is absolutely no way I can play him tomorrow.


See guys I knew it would be fine to play Cousins! @7milestyle @DABOYS4LIFE


Thank god lol


Good deal! Glad I could help cause this season of fantasy football is nuts!!!


I have Prescott and Wentz and don’t know who to play


I know this year is funky. I am just glad that my passion to not play Dak against my Eagles didn’t totally mess me up… Though I am still losing.


I think it’s Wentz… But they will be running more with Ajayi and Dallas should be playing from behind without a running offense. So… it could be either.


Feeling pretty good right now


Who did you play?


I’m not. I thought Dak would bounce back from last week. At least I also played Philly Defense and my opponent sucked this week…


it’s all luck. I played Cousins and have 100+ points but am still down by 50…


I played Dak who has 0 and I am up 81-54…He still has MAtt Ryan, but I have Julio, so I should be fine. But I think I need to scour the waiver wire for another QB now…


Tyron Smith should be back on Thursday and I think that will make all the difference. Yeah I am 96.8 - 144.2. I have Julio and Blair Walsh left and they have Jimmy… So it’s over for the week.