Is it okay to meltdown when you are 3-1?

I was up 26-7 after Thursday having played one guy and my opponent having played two.

Now I’m down 19 and have KC’s kicker left.

Andrew Luck on my bench.

Benched Golden Tate just before kickoff because of him popping up on the Friday injury report and even though he was cleared there was no other information so I didn’t know if he was fine or if it was going to be a game like Fitz last week where he played and was just a decoy most of the game. So I was like okay I’m up it’s okay to be conservative. Cobb ins’t playing so plug in Allison that way you don’t risk getting nothing. FWIW - You shouldn’t be listed on the injury report if you are still capable of DOMINATING. It was like Golden was taunting me every time he showboated his way into the end zone.

I’m going to get smoked by a team that was projected to score 97 points in full point PPR.

Oh and the controversial spot reversal in the Browns game cost me points/gained extra points for my opponent with the OT as I had Browns D and they had Cooper. Without that reversal there I would still have a decent shot with just my kicker left as OT put cooper in the bonus and netted him an extra 7 points and cost my defense at least two.


At least I feel good about Luck moving forward as needed. I wasn’t sure going into this game after the last two and them taking him out on the Hail Mary attempt.

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Yeah I don’t think I need to change much. I scored enough to beat most of the league this week. He has a lot of boom-bust guys that over performed. D Watson (highest point output of season so far), John Brown (same), A Cooper (same), White (double his previous high output on the year). Mostly just needed to vent. I am platooning Ben and Luck so picking right 3 of 4 weeks isn’t too bad. If I can keep that up the ROS then I should be okay.

Yeah the 4 of those guys will never all have big weeks like this simultaneously again in all likelihood.

Lucky as hell.

Everything I said is infinitely easier said than done of course. Didn’t mean to sound patronizing. I think I was writing it for my own sake deep down probably ha.

I didn’t take it that way. I’m sure most the people that looked at this and didn’t respond were like ‘what a crybaby’ He’s undefeated right now and complaining because he’s going to lose. It’s not that. It’s just more the circumstances in which is happening. If I lose to a good team, even get blown out it’s much easier to swallow than getting beat by a squad that really has no business being in that position. I have one or two of these every year just based on ‘dumb luck’ and they infuriate me more than anything else, especially since it’s a local league where I have been playing against some of these guys for years.

I’m trying so hard to fight the urge to address my RB issues by bailing on someone key to my team in exchange for something I’m sure I’ll regret but will feel good to have for the next 7 days basically haha. I hate the wait.

Totally. And the dumb luck ones are the ones who are highly prone to gloating about something or other.

He had CMC on bye and D Cook score 2 pts and I lose. That just seems completely unfair. :oP I had noone on bye.

Oh he’s the guy that ‘begged’ to get in the league for two years and then when a spot opened I had to track him down for fees and he’s seemed largely uninterested since.

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Yep. That’s brutal dude. Whether you’re 3-0 or 0-3 going into it doesn’t matter. It’ sall about whether you made the right decisions and then saw those all blow up in your face because of complete BS happenstance things. Frustration over that is something one is entitled to.

Lol let him have his little moment of joy I suppose. It won’t last long.

Mainly just upset about the Tate thing. I know I am going to pick wrong some weeks flipping between two qbs. But for Tate to pop up on the injury report and be listed as questionable and talked about as a game time decision and then have that kind of performance really makes me mad. I’m a Baldwin owner. I had overcome it all year with the mantra of ‘START TATE-PICK YOUR BEST OPTION FOR YOUR 2nd WR’. I’m put in a situation where I have to go away from that and it costs me big. If he’s not on the injury report I win. Honestly, if Cobb suits up I probably still go Tate over Allison and again I win. Like I said it’s just the perfect storm of bull crap. LOL

Dude injury reporting in the NFL is borderline criminal. I couldnt agree with you more. Like, people are losing money because of the games these teams are playing with each other to trick their opponents into prepping or not prepping for specific players.

I honestly believe it’s going to be addressed legally sometime in the not to distant future as DFS and other fantasy betting, and just online sports betting overall expands.

Not sure there.

For the record. I’m not Tilting, sounds like he might be…

I don’t think I need to completely revamp my team because of this. Sounds like he was already in that mode.

It’s just like man, I just got a win over one of the top players in the league last week overcoming Kamara and his 20 targets, and that gave me a good advantage in the league and then this week this happens and that player benched Cousins Thursday in favor of Tannehill who got ZERO and is STILL GOING TO WIN so advantage gone.

Yeah, I never trust anything I read on a DFS bio. I’ve seen times they purposely downplay a guy or make it seem like a guy is going to be more involved than he might be. The frustration with the Tate thing is that it happened Friday so you have NO NEWS whatsoever about it going into the game. If it happens on Wednesday then I could have at least saw that he practices after that and is okay. Last second additions like that always bring me pause.

Yeah the flow of information on injuries is a joke. It’s so inconsistent and unreliable. But it’s unreliable in a way that makes it impossible to guess which way it shouldn’t trusted (which is by design from the teams). But then the reporting on it is all very matter of fact and conclusive sounding. Like Tate was made to sound like he was on the verge of dying.

Lol I just noticed your specific note about Tate’s taunting. That was pissing me off a lot watching it live. I can’t stand when players do that. On the second one he was risking injury to the exact thing that was reportedly the problem that would keep him out of the game.

I will give Stephania Bell credit. She nailed it on Tate saying that the late addition to the report and then him being active probably ‘didn’t mean much’. But I’m sure similar was being said about Fitz playing with the bad hamstring and he has done very little.