Is it safe to drop Evans now?

I had both Ridley and Evans go out last week…on my bye!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

I already dropped Ridley but do you think it’s safe to drop Evans at this point?

If you need the roster spot then yes.

Update today said he is likely out for the season barring an unexpected improvement. Bucs are basically out of the playoff hunt at this point so they really have no reason to rush him back.

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Ya I’m forced to try and plug in waiver wire adds to my WRs…Ridley out, Evans out, and Thielen has been dealing with a Hammy so I’m not sure if I can trust his health, however, I might be forced to play him this week regardless.

I’m hoping to pick up AJ Brown and stream him this week…I also picked up Sterling Shepard last week but Eli is garbage.

Other options I’m looking at is picking up McLaurin and streaming him as well

I’m in the same predicament! Evans is a drop, out for the ROS. I’ve got DeVante Parker still questionable for week 15. Slayton, & Scary Terry are on waivers. Might replace Evans with Justin Watson. Rest of my WRs are Lockett, Fuller, & Sterling. Good thing I was on a bye last week!

Ya i was looking at Watson as well

Somebody besides Godwin has to catch the ball. I’m afraid it might be the TEs! But who knows with Arians. I trust Winston over Haskins. That’s why I’m leaning more towards Watson vs McLaurin. But both have great matchups!