Is it time for Reed to go?


Another Wednesday, another practice missed by Jordan Reed. I just can’t quite cut him yet because I wouldn’t be able to stand it if someone else in my leauge scooped him up and he gets hot. The TE is just so poopy this year. Waivers this morning had 2 TE pickups that were desperation grabs (Hooper and Cook), so i know he’ll be gone. But he’s just taking up a bench spot, and I currently am riding Engram’s 4 week streak!

If it helps, I dropped Reed for Engram weeks ago and I have no remorse dropping Reed. In fact, it’s relieving. Engram is a locked and loaded every week start. Peace out, Reed!

I think it is all relative. If you need help off the waivers, or if there is just a really good waiver wire pickup sitting out there, than you should feel comfortable dropping reed as you are in good hands with Engram. But Reed is still really good when he plays so I think he is also worth the hold if you have the spot.