Is it time to drop Amari Cooper

I’ve been sick and tired of Cooper’s usage and honestly just left him on the bench as a permanent bench warmer. I’ve tried to shop him but, my league just laughs. Is it time to cut him for a higher upside WR or hope i can do something with him.

Current WR
Kenny G

Depends on whats on your waivers. I’m still hanging on to him to see what develops.

You’re WR corps is pretty good already though so not like you’re starting him. If there’s someone really good on waivers, then wouldn’t blame you for dropping him. If not, then just leave him on your bench.

Honestly looking at my leagues waivers its not good haha. The best pickup would be either Cobb or Marvin Jones. But i have their counterparts who are doing better.

Thanks though glad to hear from another cooper owner.

Drop Amari Cooper. I dropped him a week ago and it was the most vindicating feeling to see him put up a huge stinker immediately afterwards. No one in our league even picked him up this week because all he does is occasionally put up empty numbers while never showing enough consistency to warrant a starting spot. The only reason everyone still has him is because experts have been promising that he’s good for years. He’s not good. His own team gives up on him all the time. I know he was a high pick, but honestly he only went that high because of opportunity, which it’s clear isn’t what we thought it would be with Jordy and Cook playing unexpectedly big roles. I’m here to tell you to trust your gut and pick up whoever it is that you want. I’d grab Jones even with Golladay just for insurance.