Is it time to let Baldwin go?

1/2 ppr 12 teams. Every week I take a risk playing him and hoping I’ll get the Baldwin of last yr. My other two wr are m Thomas and Sanders. For flex I have an option of playing Baldwin/Mike davis/a Miller. Should I roll with him in Thursday night or bench him for Miller or Mike Davis? He is ranked higher than the other two by fantasy guys.

Frustrated Baldwin owner here too, I feel your pain. I’m benching him this week to see what he puts up.
He did say he finally feels healthy again now, so let’s hope for a strong finish, but I want to see him do it one week before I put him back in my lineup.
He burnt me for a goose egg twice this year.
I’d start Miller over him this week for you.
For me, I’m playing MVS And Diggs as my WRs and benching Baldwin.
It’s a pain cos he’s too injured to trade, and too good to drop, in case he does eventually get back to what he can be.

He’s been a bench clogger for me but with Wilson putting up 3 td passes every week and him not being the target of him it has been frustrating. I made deals to improve my WRs so I wouldn’t have to start him but I am holding out hope he might do something if an injury forces me to start him.

I had Hyde on my bench too and he was expendable so I dropped him. If I didn’t I would have considered dropping Baldwin.

I still have Hyde on my bench lol. Man that trace to Jags pissed me off!! Cm on Lenny, hurt your hamstring again!! :slight_smile:
Last week Russel looked like the Russel of old, running around and making plays. I hope that continues as it will allow Baldwin more time to get open and get better results.

As soon as Bell didn’t report I was fine with dropping him as the Conner owner. It was between Hyde and J Adams. I think Adams has some potential ROS so I am holding him.

That’s fair. My bench is a disaster, I have Hyde, Baldwin, Ware purely as my Hunt handcuff, John Brown and 2 DSTs I’m hoarding for the playoff match ups.
But at least it makes my start/sit decisions easy haha. And I’m 8-2 so can’t complain too much.

I’ll stick with Baldwin on the bench for another few weeks I think just in case. It’s hard to let go.

Sounds like you have my team.


I have two defenses for stretch run and Dallas Geodert as a handcuff for Ertz.

Might have to drop Baldwin when I pick up a kicker.