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Is it time to play Cooper against the matchup?


It certainly seems like, against tough corners, the Raiders are using their TEs and RBs to create mismatches against linebackers and are reserving themselves to shorter passing work.

With Cooper up against another tough set of corners, should I bench him this week for the likes of Corey Davis or Cole Beasley? 12 team full ppr (Hogan and Lynch are currently in the 2 flex spots with Goodwin and Lindsay as viable options off the bench)

Any thoughts or advice on Cooper or the Raiders’ gameplan moving forward would be greatly appreciated!


I am in the same boat, I am currently going to start Davis over Cooper. No way am I playing Cooper against the Broncos


I’d go Davis or Goodwin. Obviously monitor Goodwin’s status. He has the best matchup but if he’s not close to 100% then I’d go Davis, even though I don’t like his QB situation.


My thought is we all drafted Cooper on the belief that he is a WR1. I still believe it and am playing him this week.


Yea, Cooper is becoming a tough play… Do you have concerns regarding the offense Davis is in?


Definitely have concerns about both. I think @nchinshaw is probably right. You drafted Cooper too highly to not play him. If he kills you for a couple weeks so be it but you probably have put him out there and hope your initially thought process was right.


I think with Delanie gone and Davis playing in the slot this year, as long as he doesnt get hurt he is going to be a target MONSTER. Dont forget, Gabbert played respectably for Arizona last year.


I would normally tend to agree with both of you; I drafted him as a WR2 with hopeful WR1 upside. I guess the issue I’m having is expectation vs reality. I suppose its a bit of a philosophical question, being how long do we allow the expectation and potential of a player affect our decision making when reality isn’t necessarily showing us desired results?


thats a great point


Roughly week 4 is that point for me. However, if he doesn’t score at least 10 points this week vs Denver, I am going to start reevaluating my every week start belief.


His best score against Denver in his career is 12 and that was 2016 in week 17.


I say 2 weeks. Enough to see if there’s any merit to the worry or if it was just a bad game. Apparently Cooper got open a lot and Carr just didn’t look his way which is another problem. I’d hope that Cooper has a big week and then sell the shit out of him.