Is it time to put AJ Green out to pasture?

He’s sounds incredibly unstable as of today and I don’t know if I can trust putting him in if/when he comes back. Time to let go? I could drop him for Dede who I’m fairly intrigued by with Foles coming back

No, you’ve had him this long and you’re about to drop him right before he returns. As an AJ owner I know its frustrating but he could be a lottery ticket player heading into the playoffs. My guess is that you’ve made it this far without him and already have decent players to play over him anyways

Ehhh I picked him up for free of waivers last week because my league’s season-long AJ owner got sick of him :sweat_smile:

“AJ Green suffered setback, out indefinitely”

Coincidentally he just hit the waiver wires in my league as I read that :sweat_smile:

Traded him for drew brees like an hour before that news hit😁

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