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Is it time to quit on J. Stew?


I’ve been stuck holding him since he’s been 6 points per week (not great but points are points in a pinch). but this week he was complete garbage. is it time to cut him. If so who’s out there?


yes it is. depends who’s left who’s you’re team


The rest of my roster is
QBs - Watson and Winston
WRs - Hopkins, Benjamin, Diggs, Watkins, Parker
RBs- Hunt, Gordon, Gurley, D. Johnson
TE - Ertz
D/ST - Broncos (debating going back to lions after their bye week)

RBs out there on waivers are Perine, Darkwa, Forte, McGuire, Foreman, D. Lewis, or Booker.

I mean this is ultimate emergency spot (i’ve had horrible luck with stud RBs going out right at the start of playoffs) but i’m leaning Darkwa.


you know fournette is doing great :wink: