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Is it time to start benching Kyle Rudolph?


With these Sam Bradford injuries I’m becoming concerned. Rudolph was held to 2 targets in this most recent game. Would you rather stick with him or stream Engram, Clay, Watson, or Vernon Davis?
Half point PPR.


If you have the bench space, I’d probably stream this week and see what happens with Rudolph.


I’ve got the same problem, I might drop him if a decent tight end gets dropped during waivers.


I’ve got the same situation here. Grabbed Hooper a couple of weeks ago, but neither TE is doing me any good. For the record…seems like TE is not doing much for a lot of teams this year. Seriously considering dropping Hooper for Clay.


Also…I’ve got Thielen. He and Diggs haven’t seemed to suffer as badly as many thought with Bradford out. BUT…Rudolph…SMH…not looking good!!!