Is it time to stash DST for playoffs?

Is it a good time to pick up a dst for playoffs? I attached whats on waivers,

any suggestions?

I’m personally trying to hold out to week 12.

Ya its just that im pretty set in my line-up ROS so I’m trying to get what I can now.

WRs: MThomas, Kupp, Boyd, Ridley, Brown, Keke
RBs: CMC, Mixon, Michel
TEs: Burton, Ebron

I’m thinking to drop Ebron and pick up my playoff DST.

Who is your current defense and any decent RBs on waiver?

I’m streaming Jets this week against Buffalo…naw RBs are garbage on waivers

If you’re looking at ROS schedules, the Colts have a GREAT set of games, but they may not be a good enough defense to take advantage. Denver also has a very good schedule so I’d look at them. I’m still streaming D/STs myself, but I’m looking around for a stashable defense.

I’m stashing Denver’s defense in my leagues, they play SF, Cle then Oak weeks 14-16

Ya I ended up dropping Ebron and picking up Denver