Is it time?

To finally give up on Luck?

I’m 3-3, but have the second highest scoring team in my league so I’ve done fine with the wasted roster spot… It just seems that even if he was to get back on the field in a few weeks, it’ll take a couple more to even get back to “normal”

Taking a look at their schedule Jax, Cincy, htown, pitt they might be 2-8 or 3-7 going into the bye so would that mean Indy would bench Luck ROS regardless if he’s healthy or not?

I saw some reports saying his surgery had setbacks and Rotoworld is saying drop him.

I drafted him and dropped him and picked him up and dropped him about three times already.

If you have any glimmer of hope and he’s not hurting you then keep him but I dropped him a long time ago and he’s still a FA in two of my leagues.

What other QBs do you have?

If you are in need of a breakout week or your match ups for the rest of the season are stiff, I’d drop him. I bet you could pick him up again later in the season if you do drop him now.

A lot of this comes down to availability of QBs or if you can make any decent trades for someone who is the overly optimistic fantasy owner.

Good luck.

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