Is it too early to start a redraft league?

I usually run into the problem of not having enough people come draft day in the summer and am wondering if it’s too early to just get it out of the way now. My worry is in doing this is having more inactive people. Does anyone else have an unusually early draft and have success in the league ?

i wouldnt join a redraft this early if i was going to do redraft. For me july would be the absolute earliest i would ever do a redraft

The difficulty would be with the platform. Most platforms open up in several months.

Collecting a group of people and starting a league chat sounds like a great idea now. Lots of time for people to get to know one another.

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mfl opens usually the wednesday after the super bowl. i dont know about the others.

Hey man I would definitely hold off for now. Player values change DRASTICALLY over the course of the off season. If I were you, at the very most I would poke around and see who would be interested, definitely wouldnt have a draft any time before August.

If I were you, I would start recruiting people around July, especially if this is going to be a #footclan-leagues. You will be able to fill out your league with active owners from these forums before the season starts.