Is it too late to enter the megalabowl league?

Trying to get into this megalabowl league but can’t seem to find it anywhere on the forum as mentioned. Help please anybody?

You have to be a patreon supporter

I thought Jason said it’s free???

it is for official members

So it’s not enough to be a UDK purchaser?

after becoming a supporter where do you go?

I think it is in the footclan leagues forums. should be pinned

I am a 5.00 dollar supporter and I still can’t join the leagues.

I’m a $10.00 supporter, where can I find the sign up?

Can’t find it either, is it just a scam to get people to pay up?

So not actually free then

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I found it. It does exist. U drop ur email they send the invite.

No free entry. Long as ur a footclan member and Patreon member.

So then as long as you give money it’s free???


20 dollar and udk and can not find it where is the megalabowl???

Link? Where do you drop your email?