Is it too much if I offer S Barkley and T Lockett for Dalvin Cook?

std league. need RB depht. my team:
QB J Allen
RB S barkley, A Jones, D Freeman, R Freeman
WR T Lockett, John Brown, D Robinson, R Anderson, G Tate, Dorsett
TE Hooper

Or should I do Barkley for someone like Bell straight up?

To me it seems like you’d need Tyler Lockett in order for your WR core to be stable. Not a lot of reliable depth there. It does look like without Barkley you are hurting at RB.

Hard decision but yeah I’d try to trade him straight up for another workhorse like Lev or something.

Like @kevinchad comments don’t wreck your team to get a stud RB. If you could get Bell (added bonus he has the early bye) straight up I’d do that asap.

That being said as it’s a standard league if you don’t have a stud RB you are seriously behind the 8 ball. If the Cook owner will take Saquon and Lockett for Cook do it now, Cook could be the number player this year, especially in standard.

If you do this though, you need to be rostering Mattison too at this stage and he’s a hold season long for you, plan around doing that as well.