Is it worth holding Harris / armstead?

Is it worth holding either of these two RBs over over picking up Blake jarwin or Tevin Coleman

Standar league

Current rb depth is
Lev bell
Chris Carson
Philip lindsay
Cam Akers
Kerryon Johnson

Who’s your current TE?

I’m not really that high on Coleman this year, I like Mostert a lot more.

Really depends on your TE, if you have a top 10 guy i’d say yes to holding either of them (probably Harris>Armstead just due to higher potential upside).

If your hesitant on your TE than i’d feel fine grabbing Jarwin, i’m personally very high on him and think he has top 10 potential

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I currently am using Fant, and have no backup on the bench for him which usually I don’t roster two TE unless I really need to but I’ve been hearing the name thrown around a bit

Fant and Jarwin are both considered by many experts this year as breakout candidates. No one knows which one will be better, so given your RB depth, which I think is great, I don’t think you NEED to pick up Jarwin at this time. But, I also don’t feel strongly about Armstead or Harris.

Harris has an injury now and no one has said that Armstead is the starter. That also is a 3-headed backfield for the time being. I wouldn’t bother with Coleman.

If anything you could drop one of those RB’s for Jarwin if you would feel more comfortable with a backup TE, but it’s not necessary at all.