Is it worth to buy the UDK+dfs pass?

Im going to split it with a friend. How do you guys like the pass?

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It’s 100% worth it. Have been buying for last 2 years and per-ordered already for 2019.

I love Reception Perception. Insight on WRs that you cannot get anywhere else. Some of my favourite tools are the Target Share, Career Consistency and Redzone Report charts.

The guys put a ton of work into it and keep it updated almost daily.

I would suggest getting the UDK for each of you. There will be an app this year and it may require separate logins. I don’t know that for sure - no insider info

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Do you think that the mobile app with require separate logins? We plan on using the same account, Thanks for the feedback

I don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

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welp I hope not, but if only one of us can us the mobile app the other would be able to use pc right?

Do you think getting the 50$ one (UDK+DFS) is good for me and my friend since we play alot of dynasty, or is the 25% on ok?

I can say the UDK is definitely worth it, but only pay up for the DFS pass if you play DFS every week. If you only casually play, I would save money there. I unfortunately have no info about two people signing in for certain down the road, but I just tried it with my wife’s phone and it worked.

Since it is not ‘live’ yet, it might change but for the moment it looks like two people can. Having said that, I would suggest buying your own for each person. Just me, but I think the value the fellas give is worth it, particularly if you are using their advice to play DFS. And once the season starts, the UDK part is not quite as useful. Only my thoughts.


Yes it is worth buying