Is it worth trading draft picks?

My league is just starting to be a bit freer when it comes to trading draft picks. We had a few pick swaps mid draft this season and I’m currently contemplating sending a future draft pick, but not sure it’s worth it?

The trade is Jacobs + 2020 2nd round for Bell.

My current team is Wentz Cook Carson Keenan Kupp Waller Jacobs/Michel (Bench - Singletary Green G Tate Mattison)
10 team standard. I’m currently 4-0 and the Bell owner is 0-4. I don’t rate Jacobs’ schedule going forward and Bell has done well considering the teams he’s faced.
The problem is I have no idea on the value of draft picks. I feel like a 2nd round + Jacobs is too much, but the trade won’t happen for anything less.

Any advice would be much appreciated! Cheers.